Transpersonal & Integrative Supervision Training

This exciting and dynamic training is open to those who are interested in working in a professional supervisory capacity. We have trained supervisors from a wide range of backgrounds who work with counsellors, psychotherapists, psychologists, personal and executive coaches, group facilitators, social workers and clinical services managers.

Our training focuses on developing the capacity to map process and facilitate in a relational and dynamic way. By the end of the training you will have deepened your understanding of the psyche and relational dynamics in a way that inspires and re-invigorates your work, with effective skills in working with individual and group supervisory contexts. We foster an inspirational and collegial atmosphere where it is safe to explore and step into new territory.

It is not necessary for you to have supervision work set up before you start the training as there is flexibility to extend your ability to secure individual or group supervision experience before completing the course.

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350 hours of practice as a practitioner in your chosen field.

Our current Supervision Training is in the final phase and we will post the start date for the next training. Please enquire if you are interested.

Six weekend modules (once a month)
Six consultative supervision groups (Saturday once a month)


Our courses are very reasonably priced in comparison to other courses, as we aim to support the therapeutic community.  Please email for current details.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions that you have as we are always delighted to discuss your needs. 
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Part 1: Weekend training modules

Six weekend modules (once a month) of theoretical and experiential input, with plenty of time to practice the skills learned and de-briefing to deepen the learning.

This module looks at the fundamental qualities of being a catalytic supervisor and how to create an alchemical container within which depth supervision can occur. You will learn about different supervision functions and styles whilst addressing your own unique preferences and edges, and how to create a supervisory alliance with the qualities of mutual respect, transparency, and the mindful use of appropriate power in the supervisory relationship.

This weekend explores the complexity of the supervisory relationship and how to bring a meaningful engagement with the multiple levels of experience and relationality that supervision addresses. This includes addressing both potential capacity as well as defences, psychopathology and risk assessment. As part of the weekend’s content we will explore core beliefs that maintain psychological scaffolding and how to bring a soulful perspective into the consultancy room in an integrative way. We will support you to extend your capacity to facilitate the creation of boundaries within the malleable nature of the process.

During this module we will be teaching you a dynamic field theory perspective of the supervisory relationship. As part of the weekend you will be cultivating the capacity to notice emerging edges within intrapsychic and relational process, whilst developing incisive interventions from countertransference dynamics and field phenomenon. This is one of the most dynamic ways of working with the dense complexity of material that is present in the supervisory container, as you practice identifying the most important red threads, bringing them foreground in the relational space.

During this weekend you will explore the ways in which shame emerges whenever we explore taboo territory. This is an essential character on the stage of therapeutic work and is often overlooked or avoided in ways that inhibit effective exploration. You will be guided to understand the physiological, psychological and relational impact of exploring deeper unconscious landscapes to generate mutuality with your supervisees. The exploration during this weekend will enhance your curiosity of the unknown and build your capacity to experiment and adventure through viewing shame responses as allies in the supervisory relationship.

The Group Supervision module will equip you with a full raft of perspectives and skills to work with groups. You will learn about the different contexts of group supervision, such as training groups of students with assessment elements, groups of varied theoretical backgrounds and ability within organisational settings, and private practice supervision groups. During this weekend you will learn more about field theory as applied to group contexts, examining parallel process and the ability to identify roles and themes. Many people complete this module feeling much more confident and inspired to work within groups, having explored ways to effectively facilitate common archetypal group roles.

This is an essential weekend of material that is often missed in supervision trainings, equipping you with the necessary exploration of the ethical and legal reality of the world we inhabit as practitioners and supervisors. The weekend encompasses the supervisor’s need to be aware of ethical responsibilities in the therapeutic arena, current legal guidelines and the supervisor’s capacity to hold authority for and with the supervisee. This includes examining the interface between the therapist and the ‘world channel’, mediating with wisdom the supervisee's relationships with their profession, and the wider contexts of current emerging world themes.

Part 2: Consultative supervision groups

Six consultative supervision small groups (meeting once a month on a Saturday) where you will practice the skills you are learning and collaborate on the supervision work that you are doing in your professional life.

These small groups of 3-5 follow on from the modular input. The aim of these small groups is to foster an explorative, collegial, supportive and encouraging atmosphere in which you bring supervision work that you are engaged with, and practice the skills that you have been learning during the modular element of the course. These groups are relaxed, fun and inspirational, modelling the creation of a learning space that facilitates participants to develop their sense of identity as a supervisor.  

As part of qualifying from the course you will engage individual or group supervision opportunities from your own work life in the form of voluntary placements or paid work, to achieve 40 hours of supervisory experience and your consultative supervision group will support and supervise this work.

Written work components

As part of the training you will write a short essay on the modular themes that you have found most compelling and a case study based on one supervisee that you work with. The purpose of these short pieces of work is to support the development of your identity and style of working as a supervisor and to meet BACP and UKCP requirements should you wish to register with them as a supervisor.

“This course is revolutionary. My own experience of supervision, particularly in groups, has been very prescriptive and this course has enabled me to become a supervisor with a collegial and inclusive approach, as an individual with my own style.”

“The high point in the teaching for me was witnessing the trainer searching for the truth in a difficult group process, with compassion, and leaving the participants ‘intact’. It showed me that dismantling is fine as rebuilding is always possible – a personal learning curve for me.”

“Excellent training! The way that real, live issues and challenges were turned into really effective teaching points was a masterclass!”

“Huge learning for the group as a whole and a basketful of insight whilst un-picking some of what was occurring for each of us – with great role modelling of supervision qualities and values.”

“Throughout the training, not only was the concept of 'sitting in the fire' of conflict discussed, it was also demonstrated and gave me the confidence to stay grounded and clear in challenging situations.”


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