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Alkimia has emerged from over two decades of teaching in the counselling, psychotherapy and coaching fields across a wide of range of training arenas. 

Our trainings are for therapeutic professionals and focus on developing the capacity to map process and facilitate in a relational and dynamic way. By the end of training with us you will have deepened your understanding of the psyche and relational dynamics in a way that inspires and re-invigorates your work.  We foster an inspirational and collegial atmosphere where it is safe to explore and step into new territory, utilising teaching within an experiential framework.

What makes our trainings unique is that our approach equips practitioners to work with the most challenging and complex processes that they might usually avoid. Learning to work within field dynamics, in a way that perceives and facilitates the intelligence of what is emerging, rather than solely relying on rational analysis, is a relationally dynamic and effective way to work.  Our approach is integrative with a transpersonal and pragmatic perspective that is relevant for both short-term and long-term work with clients, supervisees and groups.

Our approach is fundamentally Transpersonal and Integrative, incorporating perspectives from Psychosynthesis, Process Oriented Psychology, Archetypal Psychology and Field Theory.  

Our training staff

Stacey Millichamp
MA (Psych) 
Stacey runs a large private practice working with individuals, couples, groups and supervisees.  She served as co-founder, senior trainer and clinical director at the charity 'Children Our Ultimate Investment' bringing intensive social psychosynthesis programmes to Young People in London.  Stacey was a senior trainer on the MA in Psychotherapy at the Psychosynthesis Trust for many years, as well as writing the curriculum for the Diploma in Transpersonal & Integrative Supervision at the Trust which she co-delivered as Lead Trainer.  Stacey has also taught on the Diploma in Supervision with Soul at the Re-Vision Centre for Integrative Psychosynthesis. She is the author of ‘Transpersonal Dynamics: The Relational Field, Depth Work and the Unconscious’ published by Transpersonal Press.

Tara Di Talamo
MA (Psych)                                                                                                                                                                     

Sonia Minards MBACP                                                              

Tara is a trainer, group and individual supervisor, psychotherapist to individuals and couples and training therapist working in private practice.  She has a background at the Department of Health, and as a senior counsellor and manager of addictions treatment programmes for determinate and indeterminate prisoners using the 12-step and transpersonal modalities.  Tara co-delivered the Diploma in Transpersonal & Integrative Supervision at the Psychosynthesis Trust, as well as teaching on the Trust’s Relational Dynamics course component.  She additionally devised and delivered workshops to qualified practitioners on the Field Process of Shame within Narcissistic Processes.

Sonia is an experienced counsellor working with individuals and couples in private practice. Her approach is Transpersonal drawing on her training in Psychosynthesis Counselling at the Psychosynthesis Trust, and her academic background in behavioral sciences.  Before qualifying as a counsellor Sonia spent 20+ years building a successful career in the corporate world, working at Board level in fast paced, intense, and highly stimulating environments. Including leading and facilitating a wide range of teams. Sonia brings this breadth of experience to her private practice work, specifically working with relational dynamics in clients key relationships in both their home and work lives.


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